About Us


Triangle Environmental Consulting assists clients with natural resource management, conservation issues, clean air & water studies, & NEPA compliance. We can also help with biosecurity, import, food safety, pest risks, quality control, & perform risk analysis.


Food and bio-security, safeguard American agriculture, risk analysis and risk assessment, continuous quality improvement, quality assurance and quality control, project management, government liaison, National Environmental Policy Act compliance, GIS/GPS, climatology modeling, data entry and data analysis: ISIS, IPHIS, NAPIS, GPDN, OPIS, EXFOR, NPAG, NAPPFAST (CIPM)

Professional Affiliations

North Carolina Plant Pathology Society
American Society for Public Administration – Section on Science and Technology in Government
American Society for Public Administration – Section on Environment and Natural Resources
Environmental Leadership Program, Senior Fellow.
Association of Southeastern Biologists
North Carolina Pest Risk Committee
South Carolina Pest Awareness and Risk Assessment Committee
Florida Biological Threat Advisory Group
Union of Concerned Scientists
Southern Plant Board
International Society of Plant Pathologists
Southern Appalachian Botanical Society
Gamma Beta Phi honorary and scholastic society